Carina Björck is an exclusive interior design brand. High quality, eco friendly, craftmanship made in Sweden. Inspired by the nature in Nordic Light.

Bright colors from the abstract Nordic landscapes. The Nordic light and darkness is the inspiration. Björck is also inspired from the many trips worldwide. The similarity of people in different cultures on a daily life base is a source of inspiration. Snap shots from Daily Life around the World.

Björck has exhibited her paintings in USA, Japan and Europe. Big Arts in Florida, USA, and in the City Hall of Kyoto, Japan. Björck has also owned an art gallery in the Old Town of Stockholm where she exhibited other international artists art and her own art. Björck is based in Stockholm Sweden.

All designs are Made in Sweden with high quality Swedish handicraft in collaboration with Swedish companies. All colors are environmental friendly and Öko-tex marked for the Printing on fabric.

The manufacturing of blankets, cushions, duvets etc. are made in a small local factory close to Borås in southern Sweden. Björck works closely to the tailors.

The trays, coasters, tray tables are high quality made of pressed birch wood on the island of Öland in Sweden.